Wikipedia completed 9 years on 15 Jan 2010.
A Wikipedia Day celebration was celebrated in Bangalore on Saturday January 16, 2010.

People from different background came together for celebrating the Wikipedia Day.

A nice presentation given by Arjun rao on Telugu Wikipedia - "Telugu Wikipedia status thoughts for future".
Even heard about the Telugu version of Firefox.
Check this link for more localized version of firefox here. Its available in Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam and many more indic languages.

After that a talk given by A. Ravishankar about Tamil Wikipedia on phone as he was not in bangalore.
Checkout his website -

Shiju alex gave information about malayalam Wikipedia.

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More news related to Wikipedia day bangalore 16 Jan 2010

Some more pics

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          Malayalam wikipedians hav hlped Kerala govt setup schoolwiki 4 running prjects. #wikipediadayblr

Panel Discussion
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People who were there for Wikipedia Day Bangalore
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