Bangalore Wikipedia MeetUp 9

Hi everyone,
It was a great day for me (10 Jan 2010) as it was my first time i attended a Wikipedia meet in my life. It was in Bangalore.

What is bangalore Wikipedia meetup ?
-The Wikipedia Bangalore meetup is a monthly get-together of Wikipedians (contributors and users) to meet up, discuss, share experiences, reach out and advocate for Wikipedia and wikimedia.
Check the wiki page about Bangalore Meetup 9 -

I was just thinking that Wikipedia is a place where so much data is available, but how ? who enters this data ? who are they ? what they do ?
First time in my life i met those people, ya really i met them personally.

Highlights -

Demo of AWB (AutoWikiBrowser) given by Tinucherian. It was awesome. I was not knowing about mass wiki editing.

Even heard about Samskrita Bharati - India. And came to know that Sanskrit learners and speakers are increasing. Checkout website -

Something new i heard is about dbpedia site. Still i have to test it practically.

Some discussions about Wikipedia day which is on 15 Jan this Friday.

See more photos here -

See here are profiles of my new friends on twitter
@vaibhavsk - Its my twitter id :)

If i am missing some names please let me know. :)

If you want to know more about Wikipedia bangalore meet 9 happened on 10 jan 2010 then search it on twitter with hashtag #WPMBL9. you will get lot of information about it.

If you want to twit about it then please use hashtag #WPMBL9

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